Tax Deadline Nears: Checkoff for Lower Taxes!

March 13, 2012 in News | Comments (0)

The time of year has come when all taxpayers begrudgingly fill out the paperwork and pay their dues to Uncle Sam. This year, why not vote for lower taxes as you pay them?

As you fill out your North Carolina Income Tax Return, check off $3.00 to the Republican Party under the North Carolina Political Parties Financing Fund. These checkoffs do not reduce the size of your refund, nor do they increase your taxes. Instead, this will help put Republicans in office – Republicans who will fight to lower your taxes.

Last year, the North Carolina Democratic Party received 23% more in check off funds than the NCGOP did! This helps them keep Democrats in office who consistently vote to RAISE your taxes and INCREASE the size of government.

So this year, help the NCGOP keep more of your money in your pockets by checking off $3.00 for the NC Republican Party!

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