We need your input!

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As members of District 7, we all have busy lives. Families, jobs, school, and hobbies definitely take up most of our time. Yet, in order to be successful as a party, we must all do our small part to chip in to the bigger picture.

What is that picture?

Get our candidates elected!

In order to do this, we must work together. Recently, I volunteered to help coordinate our digital media for the district. But, just like many of you, I have a very busy life. So, as a coordinator, my small “chip-in” is to build a small group of local Republicans to help provide content for outreach.

The McIntyre-Pelosi Plan To Increase America’s Debt

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On Sunday, House Minority Nancy Pelosi laid out the strategy for her fellow Democrats like Mike McIntyre on how to address the nation’s debt limit. Their plan: no negotiations with Republicans and zero cuts to federal spending.

Pelosi made the outrageous claim that “the cupboard is bare,” and “there’s no more cuts to make.”

She even referred to Republicans as “legislative arsonists” because of their desire to achieve meaningful debt reduction before voting to increase the nation’s debt limit.

Fitch: Obama’s Debt Ceiling Plan Will Cause Credit Downgrade

January 15, 2013 in News | Comments (0)

From the National Republican Congressional Committee

The credit rating agency Fitch came out with a new report this morning saying that a debt ceiling agreement which “does not include a plan to put public finances on a more sustainable footing” will result in a downgrade in our country’s credit rating.

“‘In the absence of an agreed and credible medium-term deficit reduction plan that would be consistent with sustaining the economic recovery and restoring confidence in the long-run sustainability of U.S. public finances, the current negative outlook on the ‘AAA’ rating is likely to be resolved with a downgrade later this year even if another debt ceiling crisis is averted,’ it said in a statement.”

Governor Pat McCrory’s Full Inaugural Address

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RNC Statement on President Obama’s Press Conference

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Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on President Obama’s press conference:

“Today’s press conference reveals just how little President Obama cares about deficit reduction. There is nothing ‘responsible’ about continuing to put trillions of dollars on the nation’s credit card,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.